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USD 3 300 : marry an European Lady and live & work in Europe

If you answer YES to the points bellow , this package is good for you :
 You want to come to live and work in Europe ( any of the EU countries also the UK ).
• Have MIN USD 10 000 to invest ( agency fees , travel fees , management fees , rental fees )
 Having an education which will give you fast ability to find a high paid job in Europe and get MIN  2500 euros / month ( IT software engineer are the most in demand in Europe , other professions too ). 
• Should be single and be able to provide a marriage status. 
 Been healthy ( medical checks will be made in Europe before receiving the residence permit ).
 Been able to get or have a Shengen visa ( business or tourist ) alone and travel to Europe when need it. 

Things you know should do : 
• Register for free on our site with recent photos with you ( your details will not be displayed publicly ).
• Our site has only female members which are interested in marriage. Your future wife will expect you to rent for her and you an apartment in the city in Europe where you plan to live ( you will be paying all rents ) and provide for her monthly pocket money 800 - 1000 euros ( USD 1000 - 1200 / month ) . 
• Once you get married you can apply for residence permit and have the right to work and live in Europe.

Things we will provide: 

• Introduction of female members from Europe so you can make your choice to who you will get married when in Europe. 
• Put you in contact with Legal Wedding Company to assist you in getting married ( book a marriage date and arrange all documents )
• Put you in contact with a legal Immigration Authority in the country where you plan to stay in Europe to apply for your residence permit. 
  Confidentiality and Discretion. 

Things we DO NOT provide: 

  We do not provide Shengen visa for EU or UK visa . You have to do it by yourself. 
•  Hotel reservations , flight tickets  - you have to do it by yourself. 

Steps to do :  
• Agree on which Lady you wold like to marry and mutual . 
  Apply for your Shengen visa for Europe  or UK visa ( if you do not have one ).
  Travel to Europe.
  Pay our introduction fees EUR 3000 or USD 3 300.
•  Meet your Lady and get married ( the dates of marriage , place  should be arranged from before by the Legal Wedding Company ).
  Get the marriage certificate and meet the Immigration Authority to apply for your residence permit. 
•  Search and choose for an apartment to rent . 
  Travel back home and wait for your residence permit to be ready . The immigration office will send it to you by post to your home country so you can travel immediately . 
•  Start to look for job offers to be ready to start work when you arrive in Europe.